Love Note #6: Bob Ross

bobIf you’ve ever been “burnt out” you are probably familiar with the fact that the longer we allow ourselves to stay in this state, the more likely we are to battle gladiator strength feelings of irritation.

Whether it’s your co-workers throat clearing, or the fact that light rock radio stations omit the hip hop verses of songs – everything is an issue.

I have definitely been in that place lately and while I can’t be sure that there isn’t some hormonal driving force behind these feelings, I can be sure that they are there.

Enter Bob Ross

For most people, stress and irritation are common issues we have to face in the workplace from time to time. I admit, I’m pretty lucky when it comes to my co-workers but there are still those projects that don’t die, or those people who give vague feedback and expect David Copperfield results. If you’re in need of a little vacay (i.e. burnt out), simple requests can seem more like you are being asked to give up your first born child.

Luckily, there is Bob Ross. Through all the chaos and self destructive feelings, good ‘ol Bob can chill you out and transport you to some magical land far away.

Give it watch, you’ll like it.

2 thoughts on “Love Note #6: Bob Ross

  1. i love your blog entries! they are awesome…to the point…and something to make you smile at the end. I cannot get into the blogs that are like reading someone’s thesis…just can’t do it. Thanks for this!

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