No Sugar Tonight

sugarI hope by now anyone reading this blog has come to the conclusion that I’m clearly not trying to win any awards for consistency. You see, when I first start a project I get really excited about it, but then, I tend to get bored or uninspired. For me, this has been both a blessing and curse. To start, it’s a blessing because I have tons of interests and random accomplishments under my belt. It’s a curse because I can come off as quite ADD and never really feel satisfied with my life – it sucks but it’s true.

One thing that will always bring me back to writing is good dose of inspiration, but it has to come from within. Recently, there has been none of that – I’ve felt pretty much dead inside. That may be a bit of a dramatic description, but it’s true. I have felt like I have zero direction and can’t think of anything much past slowing navigating through traffic after work for a glass of wine. Not as sad as it sounds, though it’s pretty accurate.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with some health issues that really given me a kick in the ass that I needed. Getting your blood drawn and talking about your health habits can really wake a sister up. My weight has been a recurring issue for over a year now, and while I realize this has a lot to do with a lack exercise, it also has a lot do with my behavioural patterns and state of mind. I really don’t want diabetes or heart problems – all of which are avoidable if I make more of dedicated commitment to my body, and my mind.

To start, I’ve implemented a “No Sugar Challenge” with two friends that starts November 1st. I have done these sorts of challenges before but the one reason I’ve had such a hard time with them was because if you slipped up once, you failed.  To avoid that, and put less stress on ourselves, we agreed to pay $5 for each slip and at the end of the month donate those “fails” to the SPCA. We feel that the $5 incentive is just enough to keep us on track, but does leave some room for error and we won’t feel bad about giving money to help animals in need.

If you’re interested in joining or setting up your own challenge, here are the guidelines we’re using:

1) Eliminate all foods containing sugar for the month of November. Here is a good list

2) $5 will be donated per slip. For us, we decided a “slip up” counts as one occasion. For example, if you end up having two margaritas with your Mexican food, that would count as one occasion. However, if you had a margarita for breakfast and then another for dinner, that would be two occasions, or $10.

3) Natural sugars found in fruit are permitted. Additionally, honey and stevia get a pass as well.

Why eliminate sugar, isn’t it the nectar of the Gods or something?

There are a ton of reasons to eliminate sugar and much research to back it up. To start, it plays a leading role in diabetes and is incredibly hard on your liver. It also has terrible effects on your mood, skin, and weight. For more information, check out this website

Personally, I just needed a goal to work towards that would help bring some focus and determination back in my life.

What do you eliminate and/or add when you want to feel healthy again?


3 thoughts on “No Sugar Tonight

  1. I’ve drastically cut back my sugar intake about a month ago and beyond the daily headaches and generally surliness, it has been really great. I’ve lost about 8 lbs(on top of the 19 I lost the previous 6 weeks) and I feel much less up and down throughout the day.

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